Thinking of having your wedding in Fiji?

Thinking of having your wedding in Fiji?

Why have your wedding in Fiji?

Legal weddings
Weddings in Fiji are recognised as legal worldwide.

Stress free
Resorts offer the services of a wedding coordinator who will arrange everything including all legal requirements in advance and there is great flexibility and willingness to tailor-make arrangements to match a couple’s aspirations.

Have an entire resort to yourself
In Fiji, wedding parties are often able to take over an entire resort for total privacy or just the two of you on a picnic on an exclusive coral atoll.

Exclusivity and privacy
An opportunity to share this experience with close family and an intimate circle of friends.

A choice of beautiful locations
Fiji’s wide choice ranges from sandbanks to tropical rainforest, barefoot to ballroom, glass-sided chapels to traditional churches on any of our 333 islands.

The culture
A living culture with natural hospitality steeped in fascinating tradition. Fiji is a land of song and dance.

Fantastic food
Local specialties combined with international flavours for a great variety of cuisine. Choose from formal dinners in air-conditioned settings to casual meals at beachside venues or even a picnic on the beach. Major resorts offer a choice of restaurants and tourist areas offer many local options.

Fantastic photo opportunities
With heavenly sunsets and stunningly beautiful scenery, Fiji provides an amazing backdrop for wedding photography.

The climate
Fiji enjoys a pleasant, tropical two-season climate. Summer temperature averages from 22 to 33 degrees Celsius with winter averages from 19 to 29 degrees Celsius.

A range of activities
A wide range of activities is available from sky diving to golf, white water rafting to trekking, pampering in one of our many spas or simply relaxing on the beach.

Authentic Fijian style
Fijian warriors, costumed attendants and decorated traditional rafts are available to make the occasion unique. Handcrafted bark cloth (tapa) with stunning garlands of tropical flowers are among the many options.

A choice of accomodation
A range of accomodation choices to suit everyone’s budget is available.

Value for money
There is a variety of all-inclusive packages with extras to suit your budget.

Friendly English speaking people
Our genuine friendliness and hospitality is world-renowned.